Project Description

Gutter Cleaning Lancaster

Gutters are used to collect and direct watershed from the roofs edge, the sole purpose of the guttering to protect the buildings foundations and with the typical British weather it is well known that your gutters can become easily blocked with leaves, moss and dirt. If ignored, this can cause water to spill over the gutters potentially harming the property. It is important to have the gutters checked and cleaned out at least twice a year.

Here at LCD we use the high-tech space vacuum which allows us to operate our machinery from the floor, sucking out any blockages we come across.

How will you know if there’s a blockage from the floor you ask?

The space vacuum has a fitted camera on the top that acts as our eyes so we don’t have to climb a ladder putting ourselves at risk. Reaching up to 35ft this machinery, knocks any health and safety worries on its head, and reduces the cost for any raised platforms or scaffolding.

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